Are online loans secure?

Absolutely! The online loans industry has been operating in Poland since 2012. Since then, hundreds of specialists from the IT industry have been constantly working on increasing customer security.

All companies associated in the Polish Association of Loan Institutions guarantee the highest security standards for every transaction.

According to PZIP information – more than half of online loan customers use the services of the selected company more than once.

All the dangers of borrowing online are for private offers or suspicious loan companies that are not on any records.

What safeguards are used by loan companies

What safeguards are used by loan companies

Submitting a loan application requires a lot of sensitive data. Among other things, the place of residence, telephone number or PESEL number. In addition, if you choose the modern way of automatic account verification – you will be forced to log into electronic banking. All this information is subject to special protection.

All data that you enter on this page is encrypted. Therefore, they cannot be “intercepted” by an unauthorized person. Only the lender will be available.

Before deciding to submit an application – be sure to check whether a padlock appears next to the name of the selected website.

Customer identity verification

Customer identity verification

Companies also protect themselves against attempts to get a loan on someone else’s data. The most popular way to verify a new account is to make a transfer.

The lender will ask you to make a transfer of PLN 1 to the indicated account number. Thanks to this, he will receive information on whom the invoice is registered. Then he will be able to compare the information from the transfer with those you entered in the application. After completing the procedure – the company will refund you PLN 1.

A much faster way to verify customers is to use a special application (e.g. Kontomatik). When submitting a loan application, you will be asked to log into your electronic banking. As a result, the company will receive information about the account owner and your sources of income.

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Database of restricted documents of the Polish Bank Association

Lenders check the database of restricted documents. The numbers of all ID cards that have been lost or stolen go to this database. Thanks to this, no one can receive money using the found document.

How to use online loans safely


First, make sure your computer or phone is not infected. You can take advantage of many free antivirus programs – including Avast.

Make sure you are not redirected to a fake website. Check if the website is secured with SSL. Do not use links sent by other people. If you want to apply for a loan – use Google search. This search engine automatically filters unsafe content and directs you to the correct lender site.

When you use loan applications on the phone – keep them up to date. The IT teams of the loan companies are constantly improving the code of the programs to avoid hacking.

Don’t allow other people to use your phone or email account. Most security breaches are related to direct access to your mailbox, computer or other device.

Use difficult passwords. When creating an account on a loan company website, do not use the same password as for your e-mail account or other services (e.g. Facebook).